Global Cities Advice For India

“The mayor of London, Ken Livingstone was in Mumbai recently, along with a delegation to discuss how global cities are built. The discourse called ‘London and India: Partners in Globalisation, discussed what the two countries could learn from each other in their emergence as powerful cities in the 21st century, and more so what India could learn from London as the most rapidly expanding European city. Interestingly, it was seen that infrastructure, an efficient transport system, social and economic development, and city planning were highest on the list when it came to maintaining a city’s position as a world class city. These factors contributed to enhancing the overall image of the destination. This also becomes the base on which cities are built and then subsequently branded. Demographics also play a significant role in the emergence of powerful cities, as it has been seen throughout history that all great cities developed around the sea.”

Although all of these insights seem completely reasonable, the last one, “around the sea”, strikes me as firmly outdated…

[From Express TravelWorld]


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