China’s Own Auto Brands Moving Up in Satisfaction

Market research shows that China’s self-developed automobile brands are gaining wider recognition due to their competitive prices and improved products and services. The first batch of Tianjin FAW vehicles -2,500 of its Vita and Xiali-N3 models – were exported through Tianjin Port to Mexico in December 2007. Ratings by domestic and international institutions show that Tianjin FAW is one of the shining stars among domestically designed and produced brands. According to a sales satisfaction index (SSI) released by the Asia-Pacific branch of J. D. Power, an authoritative US researcher, Tianjin FAW was rated No 1 last September among China’s self-developed automobile brands. Beijing Benz-DaimlerChrysler ranked first among all automakers in China with a score of 829 points on a scale of 1,000. With 813 points, Tianjin FAW shared the same score as joint ventures Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM. The J. P. Power SSI survey covered 40 brands, both homegrown and joint venture, produced in China. A 2007 passenger car customer satisfaction survey by the China Association for Quality also ranked Tianjin FAW at the top – for its Vita model, rated No 1 in its category of compact cars. In the past two years, sales of self-developed cars have seen rapid growth in the domestic market due to their price advantages and improvements in product quality. The intense competition in China has actually helped domestic brands sharpen their competitive edge in the international market. Tianjin FAW has closely tracked the latest global trends to further develop its manufacturing processes and products, improve quality controls, and enhance sales and service to meet international standards. Product quality is something that Tianjin FAW is keen to show domestic and overseas customers.

[From China Daily]


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